Overwhelmed by UDK

So I was planning to spend this weekend with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). I must admit that I am real excited about this engine. As I said before the UDK is one of few industry standard game engine that amateur game developers can get there hands on. It is also powerful , flexible and the UDK can be used to develop for the PC and iPhone. The full version of the engine can also be used on consoles. Been a game fan and a total nerd that is very exciting. So I downloaded the latest update ( if you are not aware they update it every month or so , you can download the latest version from UDK.com ).

The UDK is overwhelming though I am not really sure where to start. Epic Games the people that build the unreal engine and all its tools have a developer network called UDN. Epic Games have also worked with 3D Buzz to build a set of tutorial videos. There is also a set of books that I am considering investing in called Mastering Unreal Technology which is also created by epic games (You can find these on my Amazon List ). The real issue that I am having is where to start with building a game , I am currently reading “Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game Design” (also on my amazon list) but this is about general game design.

I am still excited about building a game and want to do it but I think that I need to do a lot more research on how to develop a game and what is needed to develop a game in UDK. UDK remains an exciting prospect and I feel that learning it would be a worthwhile. If any ones reading this knows any good tutorials or books please let me know. 

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